Relax and enjoy yourself. Leave your daily work to one side for a moment and discover the different activities and services that a city like Toledo has for leisure, free time, and the pleasure of eating there.

Toledo is not only culture, is not only heritage. Its inhabitants can boast of having all of this next to an immense range of opportunities on offer to have a break, go shopping, have a few beers while enjoying tapas or go out for drinks while enjoying a fine concert. In short to live the city, to live Toledo.

Here we put many possibilities at your disposal to this end, with the objective of enjoying a comfortable and unforgettable stay that you will remember not only for having been that is unbeatable in itself, but because of the experience that the different hostelry, sporting or cultural establishments can offer you, along with others specialised in livening up your visit in a special way .

Many people come to Toledo to learn Spanish and learn more about the history of art, experiences which are fully compatible with living within this marvellous city .

We suggest that you try to live Toledo in a different way and you will definitely wish to return.